The Fun First Strategy

 Where business becomes a playground of success.

Our game-changing plays are redefining the business consulting world, proving that hard work and fun go hand in hand. With our approach, we're turning traditional thinking on its head and showing companies that joy is the secret sauce to long-term success. From business coaching to team development, we've got the playbook for unlocking imagination and joy in the workplace. Join our vibrant classes, seminars, and workshops to unleash your team's potential and energize them towards remarkable results

The Dream Team


Pete Kusiak 

founder of The Fun First Strategy™ and expert in all things fun and business. With over two decades of experience owning businesses, coaching business owners, and training business leaders around the world, he's a master at turning fun into success. Pete's innovative strategies have led to incredible growth in sales and employee engagement. By implementing The Fun First Strategy™, Pete motivates teams, improves company culture, and drives sales and operations to new heights.

When he's not working his magic, you can find Pete spending quality time with his family, running marathons, or sipping tropical drinks in the Caribbean.


Your lively Virtual Training Guide and Comic Relief extraordinaire.  With a flair for music and comedy, he transforms virtual experiences into engaging and fun adventures. From joke-telling to education, Washington ensures trainees are entertained while learning. With his infectious energy and dedication, he's redefining the world of virtual training.

Kim Kusiak

The dynamic Fun First Strategist and Speaker shaking up the business scene. With a knack for leadership and a passion for innovation, Kim guides individuals and companies towards success with contagious enthusiasm. From coaching to speaking, she infuses every interaction with positive energy and adventure. Kim's journey from savvy business owner to empowering coach has been fueled by her mission to revolutionize work cultures and prioritize fun and innovation. When she's not transforming the way we work, Kim enjoys cherished family moments, exploring the world, and diving into entrepreneurship. Her mission? To turn work from mundane to marvellous, one fun-filled adventure at a time.